Our Team

Neo Wei Woon

Masters in Training and Development, Griffith University
BSc Management (Hons), National University of Ireland
Certified TetraMap©, Action Learning, Five Languages of Appreciation at Work™
Facilitator and NLP Master Practitioner, DACE & ACTA

Wei Woon has 13 years of experience in dealing with a diverse and fast pace training environment as business and training consultant, trainer, facilitator, coach and a training developer. His area of expertise includes leadership skills, effective communication, teambuilding, conflict management, presentation skills and facilitation. Working in close collaboration with KAPLAN Professional, ASME, SMF and other institutions, Wei Woon has amassed an extensive experience in WSQ modules and received many rave reviews for his unique workshop experience and sharing of insights. He is also active in curriculum development and an expert in customisation of learning programmes, teambuilding and retreat to suit organisational strategic needs.

He is also active in the facilitation scene and is one of the active facilitators for the Singapore Conversation. His constant exposures to these public dialogues have allowed him to develop his facilitation, presentation and audience-handling repertoire. Wei Woon is a dedicated and well-respected trainer and developer with vast experience in engaging a wide diversity of learners. His experiential learning process helps to activate the multiple sensors of the learners and using a wide variety of learning activities such as Action Learning, PBL and experiential learning. He help learners to make sense and assimilate their learning by providing an enriching learning experience during the workshop. He is also constantly pushing the boundaries in his development work by infusing NPL concepts into it to better serve his clients’ interest resulting in faster and higher ROI of training investments.

He is also an internationally certified facilitator for Action Learning and 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work™. Wei Woon has utilised the Four Elements as a metaphor to further develop the Four Elements Series in Coaching, Motivational, Relationship, Negotiation and Conflict Management for his local and overseas clients. Wei Woon has always aim to give back to the society and he is also giving motivational, interview and resume writing skill talks to schools and organisation to enhance their chances of employment and increasing their resilience. He is constantly looking into creating a positive influence in the life of others.

Jovian Koh, ACC, CPCC

Training and Adult Educator
Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Management
Bachelor of Science in Business & Management Studies (Marketing)
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Translation=

Jovian works with worldwide organizational leaders and professionals, those who are experiencing burnout and neglected self-care, to increase their resilience and optimal performance.   Jovian is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with The Coaches Institute (the largest and oldest in-person coach training school in the world accredited by International Coach Federation) and Heartmath® Certified Coach/Mentor. She leads by her nature of resiliency, diplomacy and perceptiveness. Her belief is to live a life of wholeheartedness, wisdom, compassion, authentic and soulful leadership.  

She harnesses the learning model of Coactive Coaching, HeartMath Personal Resilience™, TetraMap®, MHS EQ-i 2.0®and EQ360, and Nero-linguistics Programming to help clients develop and raise emotional intelligence, so to optimize their personal and workplace performance and communication.  She works with clients to develop lifelong strategies and techniques to meet inevitable challenges with poise and resiliency.  With increase resilience, clients gain more energy, clarity and composure. “Swifter sail set” as her clients described. As a certified ACTA trainer, she actively trains professionals, managers and executives in Leadership & People Management, Service Excellence, Workplace & Personal Resilience and Career Development.

Her early career was established in statutory board and initials with strong social and labour cause such as People’s Association and e2i. Her last endeavour as an Assistant Director in an International Organization, closely coordinated with governmental agencies of twenty countries. Her versatility enables her to effortlessly manage different portfolio including Human Resource, Finance, Finance and Event management. Her exposure in the international regime coupled with her bubbly personality enable her to work effectively with team comprises of different culture and nationalities.

Jovian is an advocate of Lifelong learning. Despite major life challenges, she persisted and completed her two Diplomas, a bachelor’s degree and post-graduate diploma while advancing her career. She is presently completing a master’s degree in psychology.  She likes to connect the world by sharing what she gained from continuous professional upgrading and personal development. She holds periodic group sharing sessions with people and walk them through Gratitude, unlocking their past to heal and live in present vividly.